before buy custom baby pillow

check those before you buy custom baby pillow online on the site :
1. checking the quality of pillow material, soft, hard, good, bad, expensive, ect.
2. checking the size of the pillow, suitable, bigger, smaller.
3. checking the shipping countries area for delivery.
4. checking the payment method. check, credit card.
if the site offers correct and you comfortable go on to buy pillow for your nice baby.
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unique batik pillow

One of the clothing products having grown in central java since some decades, even some centuries ago, is batik. Most of Indonesian people has recognived batik motive both in traditional and modern. Generally, batik is used for Javanese tradisional out fit, shirt, bed cover, table-cloth, and clothes for women. Realizing that product development is very influenced by consumers need, for example some time can be found pillow blanket with batik motive.

Batik pillow is used for complement of house furniture . actually it can be made as custom baby pillow. Just buy small batik blanket and tide at artless baby pillow. at the present time, batik blanket can be found at java, Indonesian and Malaysia.

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pic from :



sweet Baby Sleeping On Custom Pink Pillow with nice music. It's really baby?
see carefully, this only a toy!

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